Force of Habit – Sydney Film Festival Review

An anthology series turned feature film Force of Habit combines the work of 6 female directors and 6 different stories of women going about their everyday lives openly revealing the often hidden world of female sexual abuse, the male gaze, and power dynamics within society.

Featured Female Filmmakers – Part 31

This weeks featured filmmaker, Kalpana Kumar, also has a passion for raising awareness about social issues. Her film Laskhmi - Untold Truths was shot entirely in India and seeks to open eyes to the sexual assault and abuse of women within Indian society, specifically the cases that don't necessarily make it to the news.

Cannes You Not?

I'm going to be hard pressed to keep finding Parisian pun titles for my articles on this, but as long as Cannes film festival keeps seesawing on the scale of gender equality I will have to be cringe worthy. But seriously, what is going on with Cannes this year? Last years festival caused a stir …