Love Is A Hand Grenade – Featured Female Filmmakers – Part 37

This week's featured filmmaker is writer/director Jessica Benhamou. She shared with me some insight into her intimate short film Love Is A Hand Grenade, which is currently premiering online at BFI Flare 2021 until March 28th. A director who's love of filmmaking came after exploring a range of fields Jessica soon discovered that her life's …

How To Write A Directors Notes For The First Time

scripts don't often turn into films without the Director having a vision for that script. So how does that happen? Well... with Directors notes. A Directors Notes or Treatment is a document that explains your film, why you're making it and who you're making it with. So I thought it would be valuable to share some of the things I picked up during this exercise with anyone else out there who is writing a Director's Notes for the first time too.

Force of Habit – Sydney Film Festival Review

An anthology series turned feature film Force of Habit combines the work of 6 female directors and 6 different stories of women going about their everyday lives openly revealing the often hidden world of female sexual abuse, the male gaze, and power dynamics within society.