Force of Habit – Sydney Film Festival Review

An anthology series turned feature film Force of Habit combines the work of 6 female directors and 6 different stories of women going about their everyday lives openly revealing the often hidden world of female sexual abuse, the male gaze, and power dynamics within society.

A Perfectly Normal Family – Sydney Film Festival Review

A Perfectly Normal Family is the story of 11 year old Emma who's perfectly "normal" family is turned upside down when her father comes out as transgender. The film was based on debut feature director Malou Reymann's real life experiences with her own father as a child and seeks to tell a personal story of a family navigating this change together.

The Farewell – Review

What Is The Best Way To Say Farewell The Farewell is an American/Chinese co-production that tackles issues of cultural identity in a way that is relatable for those going through similar experiences and accessible for those who may not be. Directed by Lulu Wang and staring the charismatic Awkwafina the film has so much heart …