A Gift Guide For Filmmakers

If you’re a filmmaker, or know someone who is interested in films and making them, then this is the gift guide/ wish list for you.

As someone who was fortunate enough to be gifted the gear that got me started I can safely say that giving the gift of filmmaking to your friend, family member, or self can be the best bet in making their holiday season a good one. So this year I thought I would take it upon myself to curate a list of film related gift ideas for the filmmaker near you.


Most films are available on streaming services these days but purchasing the DVD or Blueray copy often comes with bonus behind the scenes features and commentary that provide a lot of insight into how the film was made. I often attribute these DVD extras to keying my own interest in being a filmmaker, so if there’s a film you know they like or that you think they haven’t seen yet grabbing them that hard copy would be a great and easy gift. Plus they can watch it even if it gets taken off Netflix.


I got one of these as a gift recently and thought it was so funny. Not only is it on brand for the filmmaking buff in your life but environmentally friendly as well as they can reuse it over and over again whenever they get a coffee to go. Plus if they are starting to attend more shoots there will be those early morning starts where they’ll need that coffee! So why not get them a mug that matches their interests? Just try not to get it confused with any actual lenses hanging around.

Where To Buy: Amazon | Kogan


There are some great books out there by filmmakers and for filmmakers. Whether instructional or biographical there are plenty of books perfect for the filmmaker in your life. Some of our recommendations include 101 Things I Learned In Film School by Neil Landau & Matthew Frederick, In Her Voice: Women Directors Talk Directing: Volume 1 by Melissa Silverstein andThe Female Gaze by Alicia Malone. All of these books have some great insight into the industry from a range of different perspectives and are sure to please the filmmaker you’re gifting.


A useful piece of kit and also a great decorative piece for those who may not need one quite yet a slate is the typical item one pictures when they think of filmmaking. If they are making content regularly a slate is a great way to keep track of shots and takes both on set and in the editing room and honestly hearing that snap never gets old.

Where To Buy: Dick Smith | Amazon


If you’re more of the experiential gifter than this one will be right up your ally plus it will give your the filmmaker in your life some real tangible knowledge that they can use to go to the next level. You’ll need to do your research on what filmmaking courses may be available in your area and there is also online platforms that offer filmmaking knowledge to. For those who live near my local town of Sydney here are a few places I can recommend you look into.

Australian Film Television & Radio School

Sydney Community College

MASTERCLASS – Includes filmmaking courses from Jodi Foster, Mira Nair, and Ron Howard


If they don’t already have a camera that isn’t just their phone, and it fits in your gift buying budget, then a DSLR or Mirrorless camera is a winner winner chicken dinner present for a budding filmmaker. It doesn’t even have to be a lastest model, which can get quite pricey. A lot of people sell their cameras secondhand and any camera that has released in the past 5 years will have all the features they need to get going. Ideally Sony, Canon, or Panasonic are focused on making cameras best suited for video.


If you’re dealing with someone who knows their way around a camera and has some pieces of kit already then a nice gift to consider is some accessories. An additional lens, filter, camera bag, video light, or microphone depending on what your budget is. They may have even mentioned wanting a certain accessory in passing or to cut the guess work you could ask them outright if they have an accessory on their wishlist. Like most collections once you start building your kit it’s hard to stop so there is always something else to add making here a great place to think about a gift idea.

Where To Buy: Georges Cameras | Camera House | Ted’s Cameras

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