Featured Female Filmmakers – Part 10

We are bombarded everywhere everyday by moving images. Films, TV, YouTube, Ads, Music Videos. Most media these days involves some sort of video and so those videos require directors. On this blog I have mainly focused on film, but I think its important to recognize that the mediascape of today is changing and content creation of any form is a big industry.

Music video’s in particular have always held a special place in people’s hearts. A good music video can often turn out to be more popular than the song its for. In fact they are so popular that TV shows and even entire channels have been built specifically around them for example Rage on ABC Australia or Channel V owned by Foxtel. Therefore music videos even at only a couple of minutes in length have the capacity to have a big impact on society.

We all know the objectification of women runs rife through the music industry. This is amplified ten fold in music videos and so just as its important to get more accurate and equal female representation in front of the camera, is it also equally important to see the same representation happening behind the camera.

So this week I’m featuring a music video directed by Tamara Hansen.

The music video is for vocal artist Brielle Von Hugel and her song Closure, and was filmed in the YouTube Space in New York. For more information about Brielle and her music you can visit her website by clicking here.

I asked Tamara a couple of questions about directing and her experience on the set:

Womens Direction (WD) – What made you want to become a director?

Tamara (T) – I worked as a photographer for over 5 years, and really like working in Film now. Since you are already directing as a photographer, I guess it’s a common transitions to become a Director in Film as well.

(WD) What is the process of shooting a music video? How is it different to making a movie?

(T) –  It’s more similar to a commercial I guess. You don’t spend several weeks together with one crew, instead you shoot for 1 or 2 days and have the end result soon after that. It’s much more contained and you can do it with a much smaller crew than you have in a narrative set-up.

(WD) What were the best and hardest parts of the shoot?

(T) – Finding the right DP and Editor are very essential for me. I’m very lucky to of found the right people. Frank and Kevin did an amazing job. But also everyone else. It’s so important to have the right people on Set. Angelina, the Stylist put together a huge variety of outfits to choose from. Since the budget was very small I was overwhelmed by the selection of outfits she put together. The Producer were always supporting every step of the way and very laid back to work with. And of course Camera & G&E were amazing – everyone was there early and prepared.


Photo of Tamara by @samschmitzfilm

(WD) – What was it like in the Youtube space and how did you come by the opportunity to shoot there?

(T) – Brielle Von Hugel, the artist, has so many followers on Youtube that they let her use Youtube Space for free. Which is amazing, as they have a huge studio and lots of equipment to choose from.
(WD) – Can you tell me about any highlights from your career so far?
(T) – I worked on a Feature which was selected at Sundance and will be shown in January 2019. Director is Rashaad Ernesto Green and the Feature is called “Premature”. You should all go watch it! 🙂
(WD) – What is next for you in terms of projects? More directing?
(T) – Yes, more music videos… : )


You can view the finished product below:


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tamarahansenn/

Website – www.tamarahansen.net

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