Words Make 1000 Movies (Featured Female Filmmakers – Part 8)

We’ve all heard the saying a picture paints a thousand words, but how do you learn the skills and gain the courage to take that picture in the first place. For some it’s self learning but for others mentors, guides and teachers provide insight into areas that we wish to know more about.
This week I’m featuring a filmmaker who is acting as that guide through the form of writing books. Cali Gilbert is a filmmaker/writer from America who is about to release her new book ‘It’s Simply Filmmaking,’ which is a guide for aspiring and emerging female filmmakers just starting out in the industry. “I reached out to my network and other filmmakers in various online groups for support. Everyone was eager to contribute. I was able to interview 28 amazing female filmmakers in the categories of Screenwriting, Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Composing and Editing” She said.

The book also includes a brief history of women in film, a glossary of film terms, a list of film festivals aimed towards supporting women, and a resource section with links to various filmmaking sites.

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But to write such a guide you would need experience and Cali has plenty of that. Her background is mainly in photography with a penchant for capturing images from a young age.

 “I have captured images of everything from music concerts and celebrity events, to sports and nature. Two of my biggest highlights behind the lens was capturing images from the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and the 2013 America’s Cup sailing regatta in San Francisco. I’ve been blessed that my photographs have been exhibited in galleries across the country, yet what truly warms my heart is looking at a photo and feeling an emotion that is sparked from the image.”

The moving aspect of these images surfaced in 2005 when she made a reimagined music video with a group of her friends. From there film became a way of documenting the world around her, becoming a visual diary of sorts. “In 2011 I learned about Mind Movies, which is basically a vision board enhanced. You simply create a three-four minute video of the life you desire to create. You take your favourite photographs, add some affirmations and some inspirational music, and you have a great video you can watch daily as you work towards creating the life of your dreams. It was a fun exercise and allowed me to get more creative with making these mini-movies.”


2011 was also the year that Cali published her first book, It’s Simply Sausalito: An Inspirational Journey. Cali spoke about the book, “I was going through the worst year of my life and needed an outlet for my emotions. The book, comprised of my photographs and writing, became that outlet. Since then I have published eight bestselling books and now focusing more on film and adapting my stories for the screen.”

Right now Cali is working on 3 film projects as well as the launch of her new book. The first is a documentary called ‘Save Me Sausalito‘, which started as an adaptation of a book she wrote It’s Simply Serendipity, chronicling her journey of transformation in Sausalito, California in 2011. The project has since grown to include stories of friends and colleagues who also lived in the area and is about what happens when you receive a soul’s calling.

Her second film project ‘Pearl’ is another story taken from her own life as it details Cali’s journey from homelessness to success. “The film evolved over time as well and I realized I couldn’t be the only one to experience such a journey. So I began researching others like me and now have a film that shares the story of SIX women (myself included) who overcame homelessness to find success in the Arts. In this day and age, homelessness does not discriminate and I want this film to not only share some incredible stories of these amazing women, but also provide hope.”

The third film project ‘Timing The Tides’ is based on a book she wrote with her partner, which is a piece of historical fiction based on a true story. I asked Cali to tell me more about it, “It begins in 1912 aboard the RMS Titanic and is about two people who first met aboard the fated ship, and then through reincarnation, meet a century later in 2012. I’m currently working on creating a short film to use as a proof of concept to gain interest in order to produce a full feature-length film.”


And with all that on the go she has also been writing ‘It’s Simply Filmmaking‘ due for release on the 14th of May. The book has a strong focus on passing on knowledge to women who are aspiring filmmakers, but Cali has mentioned that anyone with an interest in starting a film career can learn from the stories of the women included in her book.

The big difference that It’s Simply Filmmaking has to other filmmaking books is its focus on women. “During one occasion when I was visiting one of my online filmmaking groups, a member posted asking if there were any books out there for someone just starting out. Several people responded with titles of books for specific areas of film or a traditional overview, but nothing geared towards the female filmmaker that would also serve as a learning tool.” Cali said, “I wanted to create THAT book.”

And now she has. With plans for 7 books in the entire series looking at more specific areas of filmmaking like screenwriting and producing, among others. The female focus of these books will hopefully act in support of new female filmmakers to get their projects off the ground. “I believe in equality for all. I believe collaboration is huge in this industry, and I believe everyone has something of value to offer…I believe we can learn from one another and support one another, instead of always being in competition. Learning and growing is part of the journey called life, and imagine what we could create together if we simply supported one another?”

‘It’s Simple Filmmaking‘ is out on May 14 
Available in Paperback and E-Book – Visit the website Here to BUY
To get the book in Australia CLICK HERE


It's Simply FILM Series of Books

Website – http://www.caligilbert.com


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