Featured Female Filmmakers – Part 3

Using The Power Of The Internet To Boost Up Female Creators

In the day and age of the internet no one can really hide behind the excuse that there is nowhere to publish their work, that they had no money to pay for advertising, that the world of distribution was closed off. When it comes to creating and sharing work in the 21st century it has become easier than ever, which is why I think we should be utilising our power of sharing content on the internet to boost up female creators.

So in saying that, this week I’m sharing the work of female actor/first-time director Carrie Daniel who’s self directed skits have made waves in the world of comedy site Funny or Die.

Carrie Daniel directing on the set of “The Perfect Date For Every Woman”

WATCH The Perfect Date For Every Woman HERE!

Coming from a performing background, with a heavy interest in musicals, whilst working as an actor on certain projects Carrie began to notice original ideas popping up in her head. This prompted her to want to take control of a project herself but it took a little while to get to that stage. “I didn’t feel the urge to really take the director’s seat until I had my own vision and ideas that I wanted to express.” She said, “And even at this stage, it took me some time and encouragement to fully own the role of director.”

As with many confidence was a big player in holding Carrie back from making her own content. “When it comes to my work, my intuitive instincts are usually spot on.  When I doubt that inner voice — when I second guess a choice — that’s when I get into trouble.” She mentioned a similar doubt during her auditions. Holding back from her intial idea and watching other women book parts with an interpretation similar to the way she would’ve portrayed the character without holding back.

For her second video skit ‘The Perfect Date for Every Woman’ she struggled with similar doubts that were only enhanced by the stresses of filmmaking itself. “As a first time director, I wasn’t 100% confident in my knowledge/choices (there were some things that I’d initially wanted to do that ended up not being the best choices), so I compromised and removed those shots from the shot list.  Then, when we got to post, I saw that I really did need those shots.  My vision was valid, and those moments DID matter.  We were able to get a great cut, but it would have been even better, had I pushed for those moments.”

Regardless of these doubts it became a fantastic learning experience and resulted in a #2 spot on Funny or Die. Her previous parody earned a top spot on the site for a week and also focused on an empowering message for women.

Carrie Daniel’s song parody “A Christmas Song to End Misogyny” at the top of Funny or Die’s home page feed.

 WATCH A Christmas Song to End Misogyny Here!

Carrie didn’t fully see herself as a director because of the simplicity of the shoot. There was no shot list or large crew, “It was more about getting the message out into the world — and I cared less about it looking perfect” She said. But in hindsight, she see’s that it was this project that allowed her the creative freedom to take the reins on the next one. “At first I was trying to get someone else to direct it; then I realized that I wanted to do it.  And so I owned the role, and went for it!”

Since directing the online parodies Carrie has decided to head back to stage for a little bit to keep a balance between the Film and Stage parts of her life. “I find that I need a balance of film/theatre in order to stay creatively fulfilled… I love Golden Age musical theatre, and singing songs from the 40’s- early 60’s (was probably born in the wrong era!).”

Yet the work that she does regardless of whether its stage or screen has a very important core that supports empowering women and most importantly empowering herself.  “I’m all about female empowerment… I think that the most empowering thing that we can do as individuals is be true to ourselves, and to share our unique voices, gifts and talents with the world.”



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