A Rosey Outlook For Tropfest 2018

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet and short films by any gender are just as entertaining as each other.

Over the weekend the annual Tropfest film festival was held in Parramatta Park with the signature item all films must include being ‘Rose’. Previously coming under fire for its gender inequality between finalists in the past. Out of the 26 Tropfest’s only 5 females have ever won first prize however since last years anonymous selection process the gender of the finalists has since reached an almost 50/50 split.

This year was no different with plenty of talented female directors making the top 16 with their thought provoking and visually intriguing works. Out of the top 16 this year, 7 were directed by women. An approximate 44% which is staggeringly higher than the percentage of female directors currently working in the industry.

The winning film was Greta Nash’s Two Piece. A film not only directed by a woman but  with a female oriented story for mothers and daughters everywhere. The believability and relatable nature of the story were ultimately what I think got Two Piece the win. Coupled with the authenticity of an Australian woman telling the story and the quality of the work a testimony to the capability of female filmmakers.

9BStill from Two Piece – Directed by Greta Nash (Tropfest 2018)

Tropfest has changed a lot over the years and this year it seemed as though people were willing to tackle some of the more poignant issues that are prevalent within our society. Including immigrants, abuse, misogyny and mental health. What was once a festival full of the obscure and comical is now a rising leader for Australian filmmakers wanting to take their next steps into the greater industry.

This year 1st prize included a trip to LA to meet with some industry professionals, so it’s important more than ever than women are being recognised equally in Tropfest. Previous winners and runners up have gone on to do some amazing things and as it steadily grows in popularity it is good to see that they are being progressive for the future of the industry and the people working in it.

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