Featured Female Filmmakers – Part 2

So far already I have seen an increase in my own news feeds of images and projects from female filmmakers and so to continue this ever-growing saturation it’s time to feature yet another talented female filmmaker. This week I’ll be showing you the work of Haley Biggins.

For Haley filmmaking was something that started as a fun hobby from a young age but has since grown into a passion and into a career aspiration. She recalls where it all started for her; “Ever since I was a child, I always had a camera in my hand. I was always filming or photographing something. The idea of capturing a moment in time was so appealing to me.”

Haley has since began making projects on her own, teaching herself the skills she needs to put pieces of film together. “I started making short, silly little videos with my friends…I started to teach myself how to edit, and I started documenting my summers with my friends on camera. I began making short montages, which all of my friends love and still look back on today.”

Watch her first edits here: https://www.youtube.com/user/halbiggs

Since then Haley has taken what started out as simply a hobby to the next level pursuing film at college where she created this short documentary Five Couples.

“I knew I wanted to create something that would provoke emotion out of the viewers. I recently just got out of a five year relationship, and I gave up on the whole idea of love and happily ever afters. So I began to look at the couples around me, and I got the idea to document their time together. I wanted to get couples at all different stages in life. The kids, the ones who just moved in together, the new parents, and the elderly couple that “made it.”

This documentary marked a great turning point in her career as she directed, shot and edited the entirety of the film herself. Not so much because no one would help her but as a challenge to herself to see ultimately what she was capable of. Reflecting on the process she said, “I learned so much during this documentary. About myself, my work ethic, the industry, and even love and relationships. That is how you advance in the industry, you learn, and you learn by doing.”

For Haley one of her biggest challenges has been herself. Her own thoughts and self doubts that many creative people can also recognise as one of the many struggles on the journey to make their passions realities. “There is a lot of talented people in this industry. Sometimes it can mentally discourage me when I see someone else’s work and realize are much more advanced in this field than I am, and I start to put myself down.”

By creating Five Couples on her own not only did it create an practical learning experience for herself but also cemented the fact that she did have the skill and now it acts as a clear example to anyone else, female or male, who is doubting their own creative ability. And it of course wasn’t easy but that’s kind of what its about. “I had to learn how to set up the lighting to get great shots. I had to re-shoot 3/5 interviews because the first ones were lit so badly.” She said, “But it made me learn right from wrong…it was all so worth it.”


Since making her short Documentary Haley has gained a new confidence that has turned into some exciting opportunities for the future. She recently moved to Los Angeles and is working as an intern for Eclectic Pictures getting hands on experience about the industry, she has worked on a real film set and is excited to contribute her ideas and skills to upcoming films.

“It has my heart, that’s for sure… In the future, I will begin writing a full script I have in mind. I hope it gets picked up by a company, I believe it will. One day I would love to produce and direct something big. It’s so important to work doing something you love, and everyday I take a minute to appreciate where I am at, and where I am going.”

Follow Haley on Social Media:

Twitter – @halbiggs

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/halbiggs

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