Why Women Need More Courage

This year Tropfest took a huge leap in bridging the gender gap by having a 50/50 split of male and female directors in the finalist list. However, this was achieved through blind judging. Each film would be judged on the merit of the film alone without any knowledge given to the adjudicators about who made the film. Whilst this resulted in a much more gender diverse range of finalist films it only goes to show the level of gender bias that has penetrated this industry and what a detrimental effect it is having on women filmmakers.

To combat this obvious inequality within the festival circuit, (often a place for emerging filmmakers to find their feet), first time writer/producer/director Christine Milo has started a short film project starring all women and made by a crew two thirds of which are female filmmakers. Her film überRICH will be premiering at SIPFest on the 23rd April 2017 for Gold Coast Film Festival.


In her own words the film is a “quirky comedy (that) follows a trio of dysfunctional robbers who fail to organise a getaway vehicle for a jewellery heist and instead find themselves as passengers on an Uber driver’s first day.”

And theres no shortage of talented people involved. The all female cast features Alicia Banit (Dance Academy: The Movie), Sophie Don (Red Billabong), Anna Waters (Stage Mums) and Christine Milo herself.  “I’ve always aspired to be a filmmaker but fear and insecurity stopped me from pursuing it for a long time. Making a film is such a daunting task and I didn’t feel like I had the skills but I’ve always been drawn to storytelling” Christina said.


The films beginnings come from a place of frustration that many women have reached being a part of this industry. Its the waiting for the opportunities to arise that never come and it has little to do with talent as it is most definitely out there, proven by this film alone. What überRICH states for many female filmmakers is that one of the only ways to get their start right now is to simply find the courage to just go for it and start making the films they want to make. Hopefully that will provide a clear statement to the world that women are capable enough to be considered equal. As Christina states, her film is “an opportunity to showcase skill and talent not as “female filmmakers” but as filmmakers who just happen to be female.”

For more information about überRICH check out the website and Facebook page and if you are around for the Gold Coat Film Festival make sure you check the film out at SIPFest on the 23rd of April.

Website: https://christinemmilo.wixsite.com/uberrichshortfilm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uberrichshortfilm/

Instagram: @uberrich_shortfilm

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