Happy New Year! What’s with all the White Guys?

For some of you who were unaware The Women’s Direction campaign stemmed from the requirements of a university assignment. That being said the passion behind this issue is something that is still very real for me as I chose this particular topic because of its relevance to me as an aspiring female director. After the required period of time for the campaign to run was ended I chose to take a break and let the stress of uni assignments slowly slip away until I felt ready to return and divide some time and attention to my campaign again.

Over my two month break I was sent daily emails from Google alerting me to various articles surrounding women in film and it became too much for me to just ignore them and not share some of the interesting stories. So with that said The Women’s Direction is back for 2017!


So to start off the new year I thought I’d take a look at the year that was 2016 and whilst some incredible women were making fantastic films, and various organisations were participating in their own campaigns for diversity, it was still a pretty non-inclusive year.

Forbes.com released an article of the Top-Grossing directors for 2016. This list is, as they state,“overwhelmingly white and male” with 82.4% of feature film releases being directed by caucasian men and 5.1% being directed by females (Between 2013-14, Directors Guild of America). Although 2016 may have been a year of awareness the journey has only just begun towards closing the gender gap, specifically in the Directing field.

Hopefully 2017 will be a year that includes more women in its top statistics. But as Forbes concludes in their article, “As long as franchise films are limited to Caucasian male directors, the makeup of the top-grossing directors will stay the same.”

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