3 Things We’ve Learned About Women in the Film Industry

Coming to the end of our initial campaign I think it’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned about the state of the film industry when it comes to gender equality. Has anything really changed in the last 7 weeks?

I’m optimistic that by coming together to talk about this issue and by learning the extent of whats really going on we can eventually make a change thats going to not only effect women who are currently working in an industry working, but for the future of female filmmakers whose talent and skill are waiting to be discovered.

So lets take a look:

No.1 – Women make more than romantic comedies 

Not that I was an affirmer of this particular stereotype but it was interesting to look into some of the films that we know and love and find out that they were actually directed by women! Action films, horror films, goofball comedies, the works and there’s not one gender specific genre. It really just goes to show that women aren’t given enough opportunities to make films that aren’t expected of them. A big news flash this week was that every episode of Jessica Jones Series 2 is to be directed by women. Not only was Jessica Jones a great show in terms of a strong female lead character but now it’s taking the next step to empowering women in the film industry and we are totally on board.

No.2 – Not all men are gender biased in the film industry 

One of our earlier posts looked into some of the stupidest things said to women in the industry and whilst I knew there was an aspect of sexism within the industry I never realised just how bad it was. I’ve been on sets before for smaller projects where men have been directing and I’m glad to say I’ve yet to experience it first hand, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen and it’s happening in the higher ranks of the industry, which is quite alarming. But this isn’t reflective of all men in the industry in fact earlier in our campaign we read an article from actor David Oyelowoo calling for more women in be in the industry, “The population is 50/50 men and women why should it be below 10% of women behind the screen.”

No.3 – People are ready for change

Many of the other campaigns surrounding this issue are coming out of America since its such a large industry in that country alone. Unfortunately in Australia not only is our female director rate incredible small at 16% but our industry itself is small. From looking at campaigns that are coming out internationally such as Women in Film’s #52filmsbyWomen and Andy Fowlers #Freethebid it is clear that we are ready for change and want it. There are various funding programs available internationally and in Australia for female filmmakers but it obviously isn’t doing enough to close that inequality gap altogether.

Overall we’ve learnt that women are amazing and strong and, even though it might take a few more years, there is evidence of moving towards change that can’t be ignored. I would only ask that from now on you consciously make an effort to watch female directed films and help to support the work that these women are doing because I believe that by doing something as simple as paying attention we can finally bring equality to the film industry.

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