New Female Directors Part 2

We are continuing on with our showcase of new up and coming female directors this week. This time we’re taking a look at the work of Rose Newland who writes, directs and edits her own short films and sketches. A recent film school graduate Rose has wasted no time getting stuck into making small projects and we admire her very much for this.

Part of generating experience enough to break into an industry like film often requires  being brave enough to just make stuff and Rose is a great example of this. She also utilises her dad for her films music soundtracks, which is a great way to get free and original music for her films. With a website full of interesting cinematography and comedic shorts we recommend you check it out here.

Death of the Author was her final major project for her BA in Communications: Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2014 and tells the story of two book characters Arthur and Martha who are held in the clutches of an indecisive author…until they decide to take action.

Another short cinematic work of her’s is The Conjuring, which Newland says is the most reflective of where her work is at the moment. This short piece details the actions of a witch casting a spell and creates a spooky vibe just in time for halloween.

We asked Rose a few questions:

Q: What made you want to become a filmmaker?

Rose: When I was 11 or 12, I used to love watching the Pirates of the Caribbean behind the scenes features on the DVDs. I would watch them over and over again, (almost as much as the movie’s themselves) and I remember thinking how much FUN it would be to be on a set like that. I decided I wanted to make movies, I didn’t care what role, I just wanted to be involved in making a different world come to life.

Q: Have you had any bad experiences or faced struggles during the process?

R: Everyone you tell ‘I want to be a Director’ or ‘I want to be a Cinematographer’ tells you that it’s almost impossible and you’ll never make a living off of it…(especially as a woman). The hardest part for me has been not taking that on and not giving up on finding a job. I have only just started in this industry, and I’m determined to give it a bl**dy good try.

Q:What’s you favourite female director/female directed film?

R: I really admire comedians like Amy Poehler who take control of a lot of the creative process. I’m in love with Broad City at the moment, created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. I also loved the Dressmaker by Jocelyn Moorhouse.

We’d like to thank Rose for letting us share her work and wish her luck with her next project, a sketch about a guy who digests a handful of magic berries, which she is currently in production for.

Theres a bunch of other works to check out on Rose’s other pages and you can do that by following the links below.

Facebook Page:
Instagram: velvetwingsmedia
Twitter: @VelvetWingsM

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