10 Of The Stupidest Things Said To Women Filmmakers

Whilst our campaign focuses on women directors, there is no shortage of sexist attitudes and rude comments made towards many other females working across the various rolls on a film set. So here are 10 of the stupidest things ever said to these hardworking women.

All these anonymous confession have come from http://shitpeoplesaytowomendirectors.tumblr.com


Our (male) Director didn’t seem to understand that we were collaborating. He would only discuss the shots with my male partner, completely disregarded my opinions, and would even flat out ignore me. 

At one point he handed me the clapper and said, “You’re clapper loading.”

The credits had to end up being fixed because I wasn’t credited as Cinematographer.


An Assistant Editor once said to me, “Don’t bother dressing like a slut when the Director comes in. His wife has him on a tight leash so you won’t be able to sleep your way up.”


My Co-Producer told me that I should go to the equipment rental place, “with a very short skirt and low cleavage to get a better deal.”

I was the Director. 


When I asked about Directing an episode she said, “we already hired our two women for the season. Depending on how they do, we might be able to hire a woman to direct an episode next season.” 

So, she was assuming that the work of one woman reflects the abilities of all women?!

I didn’t even know how to continue the conversation.


A client walked into our post production office and said to me, “Can you go get the Editor and get me a coffee while you’re at it.”

I responded, I am the Editor and the coffee is in the kitchen.”


I was at a film festival fundraiser in LA with my husband and we were talking with a few people about the film we were working on together. Some random guy joins and derails the conversation, and then turns his sights on me.

You,” he says. “I’m really good at guessing people’s jobs in this industry. You’re a makeup artist!”

I reply, “While that’s a completely legit job, it’s not mine. I’m a documentary Director and Editor. But thanks for assuming!”


“You’re just like a woman – you get stressed out too easily. I’m going to need you to be energetically invisible to me.

— Male Director to woman Producer


I am a Director/Producer and was recently working with a male client/male crew on a commercial set.

The client would not talk to me even though my crew constantly reminded him that I was the Director.

I ended up having to essentially “submit” all my questions/answers/direction via my DP, just so we could get the job done!

After the shoot was complete, the client praised every member of the male crew on a job well done.

I was, yet again, ignored.


Today I was filming a conference for my school. My teacher introduced me to the male tech teacher, and when he sees me, he goes: “Oh I thought you were going to be a boy” and proceeds to look disappointed.


I Won Best Cinematography this year at my school’s graduating film festival — among four other awards for a film I shot and produced.

My award was presented to me by Martin Ahlgren and without any pretext, a fellow co-worker at my secretarial job at a film school says to another co-worker without even flinching: “I wouldn’t trust her with a camera.”

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