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The Women’s Direction is focused on supporting female film directors. On this blog you can find more information about how to get started in the industry via our New Filmmakers Guide, as well as explore the work of some up and coming female directors you might not have heard of yet in our Featured Female Filmmakers series.

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Anything But Cute – Cuties / Mignonnes Review

Did This Film Really Just Sexualise Children? Caught up in a marketing nightmare Cuties/Mignonnes directed by Maïmouna Doucouré had its fair share of controversy before it even released September 9th on Netflix. The films Netflix poster portraying 4 pre-teen girls in skimpy outfits had the internet in an uproar as people began calling the film …


The Woman Behind The Women’s Direction

McKenzee has always been a creator; never enjoying any time where she wasn’t writing, singing, acting, sketching, making a film or generally pulling a story out of nothing and bringing it to life. She successfully completed 5 major works in her HSC, acquired a Bachelor of Media (Screen & Sound) from the University of New South Wales, worked coordinating short courses for The Australian Film Television & Radio School, designed and operated soundscapes for stage productions, has fought with a half finished novel, and decided to start a small content creation business during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With an aim to go into film directing herself one day McKenzee began writing The Women’s Direction not only to create awareness of the gender inequality present in the industry but to end it and pave the way for other aspiring women like herself.

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