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The Women’s Direction is focused on supporting female film directors. On this blog you can find more information about how to get started in the industry via our New Filmmakers Guide, as well as explore the work of some up and coming female directors you might not have heard of yet in our Featured Female Filmmakers series.

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The Continued Feminist Streaming Service List You’ve Been Waiting For – Part 2

Sick of wasting hours of my life looking for something new to watch I started the most comprehensive list of Netflix content directed by women that, I at least, have ever come across. With over 5000 titles in the Netflix library there always seems to be a circulation of the same 30 films on the …


The Woman Behind The Women’s Direction

McKenzee has always been a creator. Never enjoying any time where she wasn’t writing, singing, acting, making a film or generally pulling a story out of nothing and bringing it to life. McKenzee’s ultimate goal is being able to create and share stories with the world, and after discovering behind the scenes footage from her favourite movies it was decided that this would be her preferred avenue for doing so.

Since then she has acquired a Bachelor of Media, made video promos for theatre company’s, started and abandoned a Youtube channel, designed soundscapes for stage productions, made one short film, has fought with a half finished novel and started a blog tailored to bringing awareness to the gender disparity present within the film industry.

With an aim to go into film directing herself one day McKenzee began writing The Women’s Direction to not only create awareness but to hopefully add to the empowerment of other female filmmakers so as to end the gender inequality and pave the way for any other aspiring women like herself.

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